Thursday, June 08, 2017

40 Months 40 Cowls

Last year I decided that I needed a time line or at least a plan of attack for retirement.  I figured about 40 months at the time.   Years ago, I along with my good friend Norma, knit scarves for the Girls Holiday Bash that I co-host with two other work ladies.  We were kicking around ideas and one of the mentioned that it would be nice if I did scarves again since we have so many new people.  It was a lot of work some years back and at the time, I had help.

So, I decided that for my last holiday bash, I would knit some scarves and cowls.  Which instituted the 40 months/40 cowls project.  40 is about the number of ladies we average any given year. I figured I would knit one a month for the next 40 months, you know like knitters who knit a pair of socks a month.

I am just a few months behind, but managed to finish a couple this week for the project that I will show tomorrow.  What I am loving about the project, is that I have a nice project always at the ready in my purse, I am getting to knit some relatively quick projects, but also using my stash yarn up to.

Stay tuned to see how I progress!  Happy Thursday Knitters!

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