Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Summer Sweaterin

Last weekend, Summer made a bit of a debut, when we turned the air on, albeit for just a couple of days.  At this post, the windows are open and it is drop dead beautiful!  When it turned hot last weekend, my Summer Sweater need surfaced.  Now, normally, in the Summer I would do a Summer of Shawls because they are so versatile for when in the AC, but not so practical for work because, well, they just don't get the being cold when it is 90 degrees and above.  So, come Fall, I'll start up my Fall for Shawls, for now, my public knitting is going to be some Summer Sweaters.

I've still got a couple of shawls that are time sensitives to be knitting on, but are not easily carried around.  To travel with me, I picked out four summer sweaters that I've been dying to cast on.  Problem was, I couldn't make up my mind which one to start with.  So, I wrote them all down on little pieces of paper, and put them into a bowl, stirred them up and blindly picked one out.

The winner is Espace Tricot's Ombre Tank.  I am just itching to cast  it on.  And yes, I should do a gauge swatch, but since it is in the round, I am going to cast on with one size smaller needle and use that as my gauge swatch.  After I got a few inches on it, I'll dip it in some water and block it right on the needles.

Why yes, I am living dangerously!

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