Thursday, June 29, 2017

What I Learned This Past Weekend

ZK Classes are free and taught by Attendees.  The classes are are up ahead of time so you know what you are going to be taking.  D and I signed up for Cori and Megan's class where they talked about their new book, how it came about and it's birth.  We got to see all of the sweaters in the book and at the end, we were treated to a scrumptious bar that the recipe is in the book, and I am totally going to make! Of course, I bought the book and I already have a couple of the sweaters on my to knit list.  You know I'll be blog about them as I get to them.

The other two classes we took, were taught by Cori of the above book fame.  She brought tons of sweaters in both classes and put them all on for us, talked about the designs, the yarn, the fit what to do and not to do, some short cuts she uses and then at the end, we all got to try whichever ones we wanted to, take pictures and make some notes.  

And with the help of D, I was able to make some decisions about upcoming, selfish knitting for me.  

Hands down, the one that looked the best on me was Hiro, buttoned up!  I bought the yarn for it two years ago at January Thaw.  Something that is evident to me from this picture is that those bright colors look pretty damn good me.

I have loved this sweater, Anhinga, since I first saw it a few years ago.  Even though I love it,  sometimes you just have to pass up the sweaters you love, in favor of ones that look good on you!

And, if you have hips, you should not accentuate them with decor.

This one is still on my list, but of course, I would need to lose the blue top under and maybe make a longer sleeve.

And one that I would not have normally put on a list for me, but with some alterations making this so it meets in the front,

I am thinking I might leave this on the list, for now...

I like this one both from the front

and from the side, without my arm being raised.

This is no, despite the bright colors.

And without the purple top under, I really like this one.


Cori taught this same class in our area a couple of years ago.  I was working and could not attend, but was so glad I got to sit in this past weekend.  She is a hoot and is able to laugh at herself and help us all not take our flaws so seriously!

I'm ready to knit some sweaters!!!

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