Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fall is definitely in the air and I love it!

There are actually leaves in my yard. I remarked on them as we got home this afternoon, and my son reminded me that it almost October. My response is that it is barely passed August. But really, as I wrote in yesterday's blog, it is mid-September! So, I hauled out my tunic sweater to work a little on it this week. It is one of those things that might take more yarn than I bought and I would like to pick it up Thursday night on the way to Knit Night if I need more.

And then, somewhere on the bottom shelf of lia stuff, is the pieces to a Jamieson coat that just needs put together, and buttons procured for it. And a little to the left of it is the Einstein Jacket. Oh, yea and then there is Norma's birthday sox and before you know it, it will be the holiday season.....will I get it all done in time to wear it or should I just start Spring/Summer 06 now and I will be ready for it when it gets here?

Enough! For now I am gonna concentrate on Fall and fall means coffee at night, think I'll go make a pot of Kona Hazelnut from Hawaii and knit some more on the tunic. And worry about spring another day!

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