Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Fall Knitters

There has been a small discussion lately on the new Knitters magazine and the direction it has been going. Basically, I agree with what they have been chatting about. The old Knitter's seemed to have so many things I just had to knit. I didn't but those magazines were worth keeping and buying back issues of on Ebay. I have noticed in the issue before this that there were some good technique articles that were worth checking out, but no knitting that I just HAD to do or thought I had to.

So, I went to this latest issued and really looked at it. There are some things I might check out in the future, but for now I just have way too many things from past issues or yarn excursions that I would prefer to work on this Fall. Here are some that I might want to remember for future reference.

I am hoping they get their act togethr soon, cause right now it really is a dissapointment and I just re upped for another three years!

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