Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is this?

It is a caplet that I knitted from Blue Heron Yarns. Will I wear it? Does it fit/look right on me? Don't know. It sounded/looked like a good idea when I chased the gal down at Stitches to see what she was wearing. Now, I am just not sure. I am waiting to try it on with something that I can really tell whether I will like it or not. The good thing, there is enough yarn to make the Potato Chip Scarf from the Knit Picks catalog for this benefit my friend is doing.

The weather was so gorgeous yesterday that I had to block it. Today is going to be equally gorgeous so I am going to block my mother-in-law's poncho outside. I won't get to see how she likes it or how it fits cause they are doing her birthday thing when I am at lia sophia rally in Chicago next Saturday. But I'll get Bob to take a pic of her wearing it so I can let you all know how it went over.

Having a great weekend, I hope you all are too!!

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