Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm Knitting Scarves This Weekend

A friend of mine asked me to do some scarves for a benefit that her family and friends are doing in October for one of their relatives. As usual, I only remember half of the story, but it is for a family member of hers who is in her late twenties with a fairly young baby and they have diagnosed her with cancer.

The benefit is late in October, but I want to do a scad of scarves for them along with donating some lia sophia jewelry and a gift certificate. I thought this would be a good weekend to do some. I finished two yesterday while putzin around the house (I took the day off from work, cause of little stomach problem I had been having and decided to just tag it on to the long weekend), and this morning I am tearing one out cause it is just too short and too wide. It is being a little snit while I try to rip it out cause it is a semi-eyelash, but I am going to take it out come hell or high water.

Anyway, the point in this all is, scarves are on the menu for this weekend, it will help someone out and will help me get rid of some of these ones and twos of yarn that I have. I had them for flip flops, but I think, I will put the flip flops away for the season, since this is the last of the summer holidays......where did the summer go?

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