Monday, September 05, 2005

I am having so much fun this weekend, except for, the thought of our good friend Jan who will be leaving for Texas in a week. Yes, we will visit (I am going to start working on saving miles) but it will not be the same without knowing that she is close by. The pics below are of a wonderful crosstitch that our friend Norma worked so hard on. A little something for Jan and her wonderful husband to take with them to remember their home state and their new home state by and of course all of the wonderful people back here :)

This weekend, I am knitting scarves for a benefit late next month. I am having so much fun with them, they are using up some odd yarn that I had around and giving me a hoot of time, just sitting knitting and watching either QVC, HGTV, Food or the ball games. Could life get any better? Well, yes if I was retired and did not have to go back to work on Wednesday (taking Tuesday off for some test appointments)then all could be well.

I think scarves will be my new take along project, take along to work for sitting at lunch and for tomorrow for sitting and waiting on tests to be done. Who knows how many I can get done? And I could maybe use up the one bag of scarf yarn sitting there, while the other bag and a drawer taunt me to be used! One can never have enough scarves and I personally can't wait for cooler weather to come so I can wear a new one every DAY!

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