Saturday, September 10, 2005

Just got back from lia sophia Rally in Chicago. I actually was a passenger this weekend so I got to knit on a scarf all the way up on Friday and back tonight. This scarf is taking a little longer cause it is a strand of Dreambaby and a strand of a novelty yarn which has little pieces of soft paper (thats how I would describe it) every so often. My roomates for the weekend were so impressed with the scarf!

Rally at lia sophia is a good time to get psyched up for the upcoming season. You get to see the successes that other lia sophia advisors have = $$$$$ and I do mean $$$$, just by doing more shows. You come home wanting to jump in and start calling everybody you know to have a party and or recruit them to sell lia sophia. So, if anybody out there wants to join me in the opportunity to sell lia sophia or know of someone who wants to, send them my way.

Back to knit content. On Friday night, we went out to Oakbrook to shop and look around. In Marshall Fields, they had a great knit sweater by Eileen Fisher. I took just a couple of quick notes on it and hope to duplicate it. Hopefully more to follow on it. I just love looking at RTW to see what is out there that could be duplicated for Fall knitting. The yarns are so soft and cuddly. And Ann Taylor what do you think they had? A knitted capelet, imagine that! The stores up there like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel are all putting their fall themes out and it is fun to see it all, even though it is 90 degrees and humid out there!

Hope to post pic tomorrow of MIL in her birthday poncho. They tell me the sleeves were a little long for her, but she rolled them back. We'll all take a look tomorrow and see how it looks. I hope she doesn't ask me to shorten the sleeves cause as I remember, the sleeves seem like they gone on for ever when I was knitting them. Kind of like the hot summer, huh!

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