Wednesday, July 05, 2006

By George I Think We're Goin

Although, the fates have tried to stop us, the four Radical Knitters, I think, are going to make it to camp. Between, mothers and sons, the roadblocks have tried, but we have made it through, and we will be taking off for Knit Camp early tomorrow!

I started to pack last night and will finish throughout the day today. Why does it seem like I am taking everything I own on a small little trip? Why does it seem like my suitcase (which is on the big side) is never big enough?

I still have my swatch to knit. I knitted one, but don't like the size of it. Geesh, it's just a swatch. And my cardigan that I have been knitting on for several weeks, is back to the beginning again. While knitting a sleeve, my gauge on double points changed from what my gauge was on the circulars, so I ripped it out and did a larger needle. Then I double checked my actual sweater. Something, one should do before you get 10 inches done. I didn't like how the gauge had changed on it. And I measured over 4 inches, instead of the one inch I had been measuring periodically. Measuring the needle that was in it, I discovered that I was using a smaller needle than I used on my swatch. So, I went to the correct size and will know later if the gauge is now acceptable. Where has my mind been?

I am taking my good camera and lense and hope to have tons of pictures to bore the blog with. Be back in a week!

YIPPEE SKIPPEE, we're goin to Camp. Look out world!

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