Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

We had a great Christmas! Except for when my niece announced that they were thinking about getting married in July?!!What, did I not tell her that was Knit Camp month?

I am off all this week and enjoying the heck out of it, even though, the first day was spent taking the tree down, bringing out my snowmen (at least the ones I could get to) and bringing out a little of the yarn collection. I have a stash that I want to knit on before Knit Camp this July. Okay, I was at her first wedding, I may not make it to the second wedding.

I did not get to knit at all yesterday. And today, is errand day. I have to exchange my coat in Peoria , the tall guy bought me. I have a nail appointment (broke one yesterday all the way to my nail, it bled, it hurt and it still hurts!) Then this afternoon, evening, am heading to my mom's to celebrate her birthday.

Which after today, leaves just two official vacation days left in the week and I am being selfish with them. I want to just sit at home and knit and plan my projects for the new year which includes the above mentioned pre-knit camp projects and at least two baby gifts. Not to mention, I still owe something knitted for my great-nephew, but I think a nice Spring sweater is really what I want to do.

The new baby with his Cousin A. Notice the hand knit bib. My neice likes how absorbent it is. I'll have to make some more in a larger version for her.
The new baby with his Cousin B.

I like Christmas, but I love having the week off in between when I can pretty much have the house to myself and get out the pajamas when I want to. Yesterday it was 3 in the afternoon, today, I gotta get moving!

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