Friday, December 22, 2006

I've Got a New Book

The only problem is there are no yardages of how much yarn is used for each? Not yet that I have found. Needle sizes yes, but no estimated yarn, hmm?
I used a gift cert that my boss gave me for my birthday to order this book. I saw it at my local yarn shop and was taken by the simple sweaters with great yarns.

As I read through it, I think maybe I should give it to Willie's girlfriend for Christmas instead of the Knitting Without Tears that is wrapped for her. But, I am not going to.
As I pen a little note to the girlfriend explaining why I am giving her a EZ book, it validates why she needs to know about the "godmother of circular knitting" as I put it.

Someday, I hope she "understands it" and wants to learn more. The designs in my new book are built on two simple patterns with great yarns.

This book screams one of our knitting friends!

One thing that I noted early in the book, Kitty has her local yarn shop finish (for a fee) the sweaters she knits. Hey, Linda we could use a local yarn shop that did that for us couldn't we!!

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