Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowed In!

Could not make it to work today. The tall guy did get the older twin to his job at the prison this morning, but that is it. He and the younger twin are out now picking up prescriptions for grandma and picking the older one up from the job.

Our stupid neighbor has his van stuck right in the middle of the road, and has pretty much abandoned it, so no one can come down the street from the main road. What an idiot, but that is the way they are.

I got up at the regular time, got all but dressed and decided that I was not even going to try it! Do you think I spent the day knitting? No, spent the day cleaning my living room and dining room and putting away the Thanksgiving decor and putting up a little Christmas stuff.

And since I did put some Christmas out, I have to find a spot for this that was up on the dry sink in the dining room.

Once I get that done, I'm done for the night. I'm going to watch Polar Express tonight, drink some wine, knit a little and read a little if I get that far. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the laundry and maybe by Sunday, we'll be able to get out. Us and the 39,000 people in the city.

Be safe my friends this weekend!

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