Monday, December 11, 2006

I Went Shopping On Saturday

I'm glad I did. Because the yarn shop will be open next Saturday but not the two Saturdays after that when I really would want to go and shop JUST FOR ME. I could make a trip out there when I'm off between Christmas and New Year, but I intend on spending that week KNITTING WHATEVER I WANT!

What did I buy? Yarn for a scarf for a friend of mine's 50th birthday celebration the Saturday before Christmas. I've got to get my fingers busy with this one.

A Dale Baby Book I don't have. Which has this cute little hat and mittens set in it.I would like to get it done for Christmas Eve for my new little great-nephew. I think it would be a nice tradition to start for the little ones to get a new knitted hat and mitten set each Christmas from their Auntie Pen.

Sounds like something out of a book doesn't it. I can just hear them when they are 20, "every year even now when we are 20, our eccentric Auntie Pen knits us hats and mittens"

And this is for after Christmas, Alpaca Twist for a shawl for me. The feel is just scrumptous. And do you notice the color? It is not blue or green. It will go great with black and gray and blue. For now it sits and waits for me.

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