Monday, December 18, 2006

If You Could Have Seen Me

I spent the entire weekend with knitting needles in my hand. And probably every waking moment this week after work you will see the same thing. I have paired down the list of what MUST be done. One pair of flip flop socks, one scarf and one hat and mitten set.

Accomplished this weekend, three scarves, two of which did not have to be done, but I spent time knitting them anyway. Heck none of them really had to be done, I could of not. The two outside scarves ended up being shorter than I really wanted them to be, but I kind of knew that going into them. But still I knit them.

And a pair of mittens, to go with one of the scarves. Again, I didn't need to do them, I already had something for the intendee, but her scarf from last year, had an accident, so instead of trying to repair,Walmart had the same yarn and I made a new one. And since I was doing mittens for other friends, I figured she'd be disappointed if she did not get some too.

Oh, the rationale!

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