Sunday, July 19, 2009

Contests and Favorite Things

Later next week, I'll show you lots of entries in the Contest for 2.75 Camp, but for today, here is my last place win.

I'm not sad about that! It was the first time I entered, and I am pleased about that I did that. What is really cool is my prizes. It was these two books donated by Greg. They are spectacular and I think a great prize for finishing last!

The first night at camp I spied this new color of Sheepsdown and knew right away it was the perfect yarn/color for the Box Top Jacket from Cheryl's book. I wound a ball and cast on straight away.

With the cool weather we are having it is perfect knitting on it. On Saturday, Cheryl asked me if I would help moderate the group over on Ravelry for Knitted Jackets. I was honored to be asked.

What more can I say, I love this book and it is one of my favorites, right up there with EZ and Meg herselves.

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