Sunday, July 12, 2009

Live It's Sunday Morning.

Sorry there are no pictures, you will just have to wait until next week, when I will bore you silly with them from the big camera.

I cannot believe it is almost over. I do want to get home and try some new things out, but will be really sorry that it is over. We are making some new friendships this year and learning new things about old friends. I cannot explain it fully, it is something you just have to experience.

Yesterday, we saw again some unbelievable show and tell. This weekend, the three of us have definitely discovered some new ways to use the Kauni yarn we all three bought two years ago. I think it is unanimous that we are ripping out the sweaters we already started and doing something else.

In new projects, the three of us have decided that we are going to do a group project and bring it back next year as our show and tell! The pattern is from a Spun Out and we are going to modify it into a cardigan so I can actually steek.

This year, my focus on my knitting has been from Cheryl Oberle's book Knitted Jackets and I got to show my four finished jackets to the group. Cheryl asked me to help moderate the group on Ravelry for Knitted Jackets and I was really felt honored that she would ask! Of course, I said yes.

Today is the raffle and I am shameously going advertise Knit 4 Together and have put my raffle into one of their large shopping bags. Also, today is Contest Day and I am pleased that I have mine to show.

Oy, there is so much to say but for now, gotta go get dressed!

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