Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where To Start?

There is so much to show and it is hard to decide where to start. So, we'll start with vendor day on Saturday. I did the least amount of damage there, but what I did get I thought was kind of spectacular.

The Bohus Hat kit from Kimmet Croft. This is just enough yarn to either wet my appetite for Bohus knitting or cure me from ever wanting to do it again, without the investment of a major sweater.

Kind of hard to see, but I bought new yarn from Cheryl for either a shawl or if I can talk Char out of her two skeins, a jacket from the Knitted Jackets book.

I might have to order it from Cheryl since at the moment I am really leaning towards the jacket.

New pottery from Jennie the Potter. This bowl is going to the yarn room if nothing else for decoration. I do like the concept though. What you can't see is that it has a sheep in the inside as well.

I have a mug that I ordered two years ago from Jennie, but I could resist another one this year.

This is a little different shape than what I had before.

Last but not least, and yes, I have plenty of sock yarn, but this one is special since it is by Jennie as well and of course my special color. Who could resist?

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Nancy said...

Smile. looks like an excellent haul to me! Sorry to say, my brain was a bit asleep at market, but I had already picked up the birthday present for my 12 YO neighbor at Mielke's shop I'd preordered --- a lap loom, extra project and a wonder wand, plus soap for us!