Thursday, July 16, 2009

No, This Isn't All Of It

I don't want to overload with too much, so I am posting just a bit of the weekend's new yarn/projects. Meg's is a different kind of experience of yarn, but one tht makes you still want to start something new. With 60 men and women in a group, there are all kinds of avenues to explore.

Yes, yarn for another jacket from Cheryl Oberle's book. Did I mention I am working my way through it?

No other book since the Shetland Books has enticed me to make more than one thing from a book like this one. Well, may EZ and Meg are the other ones.

Okay, so here is another one. But, in my defense, I bought the turq last year for a shawl and as it vegitated this year, it really decided it wanted to be this jacket from Cheryl's book.

I just bought the black Shetland Jumperweight to go with it this year.

This was the shawl the turq was going to be, but after seeing the real shawl in person and trying it on, I thought I would get a lot more mileage out of the grape.

Little did I know that I also had picked out a similar color in a little heavier weight for a group Radical knitting project!

And this really isn't new either, just needed to pick up a couple of extra skeins literally on my way out Sunday night.

I had bought one skein for the Sock Knit Along last winter, and never got to it, so I decided to put it towards yet another shawl that is popular at not only Meg's Camp but I actually took a class at Arnhild's last February as well.

Oh yes there is more, but I'll show those tomorrow. And Sandy, don't tell the tall guy, lets keep this between ourselves. :)

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Terry Sailingknitter said...

Thank you for all of the photos and notes about camp. Yes...I feel it...the wooliness and the friendship. NEXT YEAR I'll be there!!!