Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Wrapper

One sleeve to go. The collar is on too. Hoping tomorrow night at Knit Night, I can get a bit of it done and then finish up on Friday so I can see if the hips will block about a bit.

The couple I have seen on Ravelry and in the book don't come all the way closed either, so maybe it isn't me, but the way it was meant to be styled.

I am anxious to be onto another jacket to work on before camp next week.


Nancy said...

Pretty, pretty!

How do you store all your jackets and sweaters and such?

Penny said...

I have stacking tubs on wheels that I am currently storing my sweaters in. I hope someday to have the closet in the yarn room redone in cedar with shelves so I can put them in there, I guess a cedar closet?