Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Off to Camp?

Yes, tomorrow bright and early we will be making our way to Meg's Camp. I am planning on blogging from camp and posting pictures. My bags are not packed and I am still unsure as to what to take to knit on. You know I'll be gone a whole 5 days and there are tons of sweaters that I can knit on while I am away.

Last night the yarn was going in the spare suitcase and then this morning the yarn came out of the suitcase. What to do, what to do. As a fellow knitter and co-worker said to me today...take whatever you want to, you would just hate yourself if you left something at home and decided you want to use it while you are at Camp. So, back to the drawing board there.

Yes, I am off from work, but one of the deals of me being gone is that they have access to me if they need me. I hope they don't, although I have already been responding to a couple of emails. If nothing else to keep my mailbox from over flowing.

Today, I worked a bit at work and then took off for some errands, so now as it is after seven, I'd better get moving on the packing!

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