Sunday, January 03, 2010


It's time to go back to work tomorrow...just as I said before the holidays, this is just like when I was a kid and we had to go back to school after being off. I don't wanna go back!

But, before I go back, look what I finished on my Christmas vacation! I wish you could feel/see this in person. It is sooooo, really it is. It makes me giddy to feel it.

I can hardly wait to block it and get to wear it. I am taking it with me next weekend when I go to Chicago for a weekend with Windy City Knitting Guild and Franklin Habit. I hope he can help me take better pictures of it to convey the softness of these two yarns together.

The pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple Neckdown VNeck Cardigan. I really am starting to love working these patterns.

When you are done,and this is liberating to not have to sew any thing together. Ant they fit. Trying it on as I knit works, go figure.

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