Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three Day Weekend

As a state employee, I get Monday off, which means a 3 Day weekend.

I like 3 day weekends especially when they end on a Monday. I like them even more when they are all mine. Home alone, no where to go, nothing I really have to do. Unless I don't get the laundry done tomorrow then there is that.

My plans for Monday? Knit. Work on the Yarn Room (it needs some serious work). Knit.

Yep, thats it. It's all about me on Monday....well and Martin of course.


Nancy said...

Great to have a jammie, media and knit day! DVD in background or music or fav movie or even The Weather Channel for background!

Penny said...

Nancy - You bet. Just saw where starting tomorrow at 9 am is the House Hunters Intl Marathon.

Between that and some netflix online, I'm thinking there will not be a whole lot of cleaning being done.