Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's One Degree

Or is that one degrees? Anyway, it's cold here in Central IL and since I am recuperating, I don't have to go outside today...bless the Tall Guy for going out to the store and taking such good care of me.

I hear that some parts of Florida might have freezing rain or light snow today. And the temperatures there are anything but Florida like! And that is the weather report for this hour. At least the sun is shining here!

Last night, I happened upon a series on Neflix that I can watch on my computer...Monarch on the Glen. It is quite good from the four episodes I watched last night, when I couldn't sleep.

The cough medicine I am taking is maybe supposed to make you drowsy. For me it had the opposite effect....made me wide awake. What can I say, I am weird.

I am making some slow progress on my Green Sweater, but it is great knitting while watching movies.

I need to measure Seedling that I knitted last Fall and see what the measurements are for it from the finished edge to the armhole. I like where it hits at the hip and want to duplicate that measurement for the Green Sweater.

There is a correction sheet posted to Ravelry from the first printing of the pattern, but I had already fudged with my figures for the cast on, needing an in between number for the hip cast on. I'll knit for awhile on it and then do some decreases to get it closer to the bust measurement I like.

So that is going to be my mode for the day, sit in my chair, knit and watch Monarch on the Glen on my laptop.

And see if I can make some progress on some knitting projects today.

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