Friday, January 08, 2010

Why, Thank You!

I am feeling better tonight. I went to the doctor this afternoon, who gave me a script for antibiotics and cough syrup with codene. He added a couple of other over the counter medicines which I have taken.

I might even get back to knitting tonight. I did not feel well enough to go see Franklin with Sue and Julie, and I am dissappointed for that, but content enough to sit inside this weekend while we get super cold temps outside and maybe get back to knitting. I haven't knitted much since last weekend. Thats when you know I am not feeling good when I don't knit!

Just been spending a lot of time on the computer and sitting it my chair, taking care of my farm and fish tank on Facebook --that thing can become addictive, but gave me just enough to do while not feeling well.

I was really dissappointed to read that one of my favorite yarn shops that I have read about, but never got to, hasn't paid a teacher for her services last year....that surprises me and I hope that was an over sight that will be corrected soon, cause that is quite disturbing to me.

Tomorrow rather than knitting in Dunlap, I'll be sitting cozily in my chair and knitting. You all keep warm.

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