Sunday, January 10, 2010

What A Guy!

Yesterday, the Tall Guy went shopping for groceries and look what he brought home. Is that a guy?! Somehow, he knew that I did not subscribe to this one....what are the chances?

Anyway, yesterday, the internet went out here right in the middle of the day! What a time for it to go armed with my new magazine I sat in the rocker and actually read the whole magazine.

I don't really ever read a whole magazine. Mostly, I just look at the pictures and read only the articles that I really want to. But, yesterday, I actually read the was kind of a nice afternoon.

Normally, I don't buy Knit n Style, but rather look at it on the magazine rack to see if there is anything that I would want to knit out of it. This issue, actually, has a couple of designs that I might have to look at a little closer. And maybe the magazine as well.

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