Sunday, September 04, 2011

Five Hours Later

I went into the yarn room to tidy up a bit. It was getting a little overgrown and I kept picking up and putting things down to get to something else.

Once I started, I just kept going. I purged some yarn. I got a couple of bags of donation yarns for two of my friends who will use it. I took several things off of needles and had quite a few needles to put away. I had notions all over the place so now, they have been whittled down to a couple of containers.

The yarn wall needed some revamping too. That took me a little bit of time. A couple of revelations while taking yarn out and putting it back. Schoolhouse Press has way too many bins. Cheryl now has her own bin. I have a lot of sock yarn that I needs to be knit up for socks or shoulder shawls for me. There my colors Norma, sorry! And I remember what every skein of yarn was origianlly supposed to be.

Well, sure I have too much yarn...but someday I will retire and I'll be on a fixed income, I'll knit it up then.

There is now actually a place for me to sit without having to move a bag of yarn off of the chair. I actually could get the vacuum around the chair after I was done.

The best thing of all. I used some of my ends from my harmony needles. Several harmony needles have went back into their case and now have connectors on the WIP.

I feel good about my five hours of work today. Time to enjoy some knitting and netflix.

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Jenny L said...

Wow Penny! I'm impressed!!!! The only question I have is, did you remember to write down/use a tag when you put the caps on the needles? I did this and I couldn't remember what needle size I used... :) Have a great labor day!