Sunday, September 11, 2011

Under the Influence

Not only is that part of the category for Knit Camp's Contest next year, but that is how I have been feeling for quite some time in my knitting.

On occasion, I will have an epiphany about this subject I will vow to do better, but then like a wave of a candy bar in front of a dieter I will succomb and promptly forget everything I have told myself I would not do.

After knitting yesterday and through last evening, I really had another good talk with myself. I have been so discombulated when it comes to knitting lately. You all know from other posts that I have a lot of projects on needles. I am easily led astray to cast on another project, mainly because I can. Some because of the need for other knitter recognition, some to be the first in the circle to try it, oh there is more rational there somewhere. It's a vicious knitting cycle for me.

Yesterday at knitting, I virtually had nothing to knit on. You see, when I am at the shop, I like to knit on their yarn. I came unprepared without my big bag of tricks, so I did not have the proper extra skein of yarn or extra needle to do what I needed. So I sat there and sort of shopped (but really talked myself out of adding to the stash, which I thought was pretty good of me and there is a whole other story behind that which I will save for another day - has to do with not just buying for the sake of buying) and visited.

Short story, long. I am going to knit what I want to knit for awhile. Not what others are knitting on necessarily, or what I should be knitting on (except for the twoper scarves) and enjoy it for the sake of knitting.

I AM IN CONTROL OF MY KNITTING! It's my knitting and I'll do what I want and not (read as try not to) just follow the leader. I feel better now.

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