Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Been Thinkin

Maybe it is the change of the seasons, maybe it's that I've lost a little weight, maybe it's because I'm going to be a year older than I thought I was, who knows. But, I've been thinkin way too much lately about my knitting.

Which is a good thing.

Yesterday, I pulled out of my drawers one of my sweaters from Knitted Jackets and wore it because it was chilly here in Central IL and was just what I needed to have on. I love it. It is comfy and cozy. But several things happened.

I seemed to be pulling on it at the shoulders quite a bit. Makes me think that the shoulders don't fit as well as they should. It my mind, it felt a little boxy through the waist and was sort of okay around the hip. (read that as the hips are the last to go when I lose weight) It was a comfy sweater, but in my mind just not real flattering.

I got several compliments on it. But today, a person that I know and who kids around with me about a couple of outfits that I wear to work that look good on me (read that as compliments me when I wear them and also read that I am not in any way offended by it), mentioned that yesterday's outfit was not one of them.

Again, I took this as not a dig at all but constructive criticism. And not something that I had not been thinkin about myself. I'm a watcher. And quite a few times I have wished that I could pull a look off that someone else has, but lets face it, sometimes no matter how much you wish you could, it is better just to not to.

And quite a few times, I am so guilty of putting something on for either work or not, just because it is there, when really what it should be is given to the goodwill.

As Fall sets in, it is time for me to take a critical look at the wardrobe and that may include the sweaters. It's time to weed out the closet, and only keep those things that look good and that I feel good in.

It may be time to start shopping and for me I think it is definitely time to find a shop that can help me find just the right style/size/look for me. I'm open to favorites? Coldwater Creek? Anyone want to weigh in?

And finally, it's time to knit sweaters that are flattering that fit well and feel good on and are worthy of compliments. I am very much on the soapbox when it comes to knitting to fit and have several books that address that issue. On my quest to make my sweaters fit even better, I think there may be some blog posts coming our way to deal with this for me very important issue.

Hang on!

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