Friday, November 18, 2011

I Take A Lot of Flack

for my propensity to buy yarn in the Caribe Blue family.  When in reality, when I go looking in the yarn room, I'm not finding a lot of said color in there!  I do, however, have a few accessories that match Wednesday's nail polish post.

My on again off again, purse.  Funny thing, three of my friends have this same purse, not in the same color, but the exact same purse, a hot pink one, a purple one and a gun metal one.  How fun is that!?

 Then there is my Vera.  The one on the left is my fave from old.  It was probably the first collection I started with the Vera bags.  I started with a couple of other ones many years ago, but that is before I got my first look of the Gulf of Mexico and the vibrant colors of the water.  I was hooked on the color ever since.

That is also about the time when I decided that if I ever had money to retire somewhere that it would be where I could see the colors of the sea every day.  Before that I thought the ideal place to retire to would be Northern Minnesota. 
 Speaking of the Gulf of Mexico, this appropriately named yarn from Three Irish Girls awaits in the yarn room. 
 Also in the Yarn Room is Cheryl Oberle's yarn.  This is a WIP but has some great Caribe Blue colors in it.

 And a wayward skein of a sock yarn in caribe and brown.  Originally, when I bought this one, it was going to be a hem in EZ's Saddle Shoulder Pullover.  I changed my mind on it and just did a garter bottom on it.  I really ought to pull this one out and knit me some winter socks with it or maybe mittens.

 Here's another of the Vera bags that matches the nails pretty darn well.  I love the bowler bag, just wish it had a little longer handles.  I have an eye glass case to match and a wallet out of the same pattern when my current one (which has caribe and brown it it) wears out.

Why you would ask do I have a wallet waiting in the wings just like the one I am carrying?  Because I like the taxi wallet that Vera was making with a magnetic closure in it.  The only thing it doesn't do is keep a thief out of it, but I'll blog about that another day.

 There are a couple of Shetland Jumper weight yarns in the yarn room in Caribe.  The one on the left is really named aqua and the other is a really bright Caribe Blue.  The first is thinking it wants to be a shawl, although, it was originally destined for a sweater from Knit One Knit All.  It's on hold to veg a little.  The second one is definitely destined for a jacket from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets, but that cannot commence until Bloomsbury is done.

 In the Knit 4 Together yarn bin amongst another Vera Bradley ditty bag ( in caribe and brown) is the Pastaza that I bought last Summer.  Originally intended for a jacket from Cheryl's book as well, until Cheryl turned me onto her Just Beautiful Alpaca, it now awaits for a sweater as yet to be named.

 Okay, so maybe there are a few yarns in the Yarn Room that have some Caribe in them.  This Encore Colorspun has been around for quite some time!  Purchased from Ewe-nique Yarns when they were in their first location.  It was going to be a mitered square jacket, and now, poor thing just sits and wait.

And finally, sitting next to the Three Irish Girls Yarn (which I have to say really is my fave Caribe Blue), is some Malabrigo that I bought at Stitches Midwest several years ago, after Knit Addict brought a sweater all the way from Oklahoma for me to feel.  I fell in love with the feel and had to have some.

Obviously from the fact that it is still sitting in a bin, I must be a fickle lover.  Well, heck, I guess it is obvious from my collection that I am fickle! But, ya know, I'm okay with it!

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