Friday, November 11, 2011

I've Had A Busy Day

Today is Veteran's Day.  We don't get it off even though we are a state institution, we still gotta work.  But I took the day off as one of my floating holidays.  I've been movin all day and now it is time to kick back and drink some coffee and knit and spend the night chillin.

The Tall Guy (who also took the day off to rake leaves) went this afternoon to do the grocery shopping that we normally do on Friday nights.  It was nice to get it done before dark and before the crazies come out on Friday night to also do their grocery shopping.  I treated myself to another creamer, Pumpkin Spice while we were shopping so that is today's flavor of the day for my coffee. 

I didn't have much a yearning for coffee this morning, but now that I have had a full day, a pot sounds good and so it begins.

First thing up this morning I finished another scarf for the Girls Holiday Bash.  This would make #45.  I'm planning now on 50 and then I am stopping.  This one is from the new Debbie Bliss magazine but I used some Encore from the stash for it.

 Next stop after running into work today to get my flu shop was down on the Riverfront to attend the grand opening of a new yarn shop in Peoria.  The Fiber Universe.  What a great crowd they had.  I would have had pictures to show you, but some dummy left the SD card in her computer at home and well, you know the story.  I saw quite a few people that I knew from long ago.  Sue and Karyl and I had a nice visit while sitting around the shop waiting for the crowd to thin down.

Anyway, at one time there were so many knitters, that no one could see the yarn for the people.  But we managed to do just fine and people just let you in to fondle and put some into the bags they provided for us.  It's a cute little shop and I will be going back.  They have great hours for us working people, two Knit nights and 4 pm Saturday closings.  I can see myself making a stop there after my regular scheduled Saturday knitting.

Did I mention that they are only about 5 minutes from my work???  You know where I will be taking lunch somedays. 
First thing in the store (Sue and I were shoppers #2 and #3), was this local Llama.  First felt and I knew it was coming home with me.  Even though, I have not had my spindle in my hand since July.  But, it is my understanding that one of the owners is a spinner and will be doing some classes so I think I might see the spindle coming back out for some work.

 I've been searching all over for this yarn in just this color for a cupcake hat that I would like to knit.  No current receipient on hand at the moment, but I was pleased as punch that I could find it.  My other sources had it but it was much too pale of a pink and what I really wanted was just a slightly darker shade of pink and they had it!

Next I was off to Morton to pick up some more Madlinetosh Pashmina for the Cassis I am knitting.  I'll show you more on that later next week as the sweater progresses.
I'm pretty certain I am going to have more than enough of it, but I am making long sleeves on mine and just a little wider through the hips than the original design is.  If I have extra, I'll just make some mittens out of.  It feels so lush.

After Ewe-nique Yarns, I had lunch with Char and Linda who coincidentally were at  Morton too.  We had a nice time talking knitting and catching up a bit.  As I said earlier, the Tall Guy and I got groceries and ---

The rest of the evening is mine to relax, drink coffee, get caught up on some t.v and knit.  Life is good and I am enjoying it.

Hug a Vet today if you can, and I don't mean the one you take your animals to.

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