Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's Sunday, It's A New Week

In my very first blog post ever, I think I said if I am posting, it means I am not knitting.  How true!  This could also be read as if I am on the computer, I am knitting which means I am in trouble.  Because as everyone well knows, I do not need yarn, patterns, needles, inspiration or new projects started.  I am blessed with plenty of all of these.

I sat down last night and made some decisions before heading off to bed.  Some of them I wrote down, some of them I just mulled around in the head.  Most of them you have all heard before, but as always in the pjknits recovery plan, I am back at step one.

Christmas is coming and my knitting list while not super large it still  has some major things on it.  I really have to concentrate on them.  They all have time lines as to finish dates which I penned down last night so I know what I have to knit on first. Along with a niece who is having a baby late Feb/early March that will require some knitting for the shower right after the first of the year and a couple of friends who are having first grandchildren that will require some baby knitting - that peapod thingy is going to be my staple!  Which brought me to the decision that there was a KAL I just could not commit to until after the new year, even though I have the perfect yarn for it.  One weight lifted.

Several of my Christmas knitting projects are on hold until the perfect yarn is delivered next week so in the mean time, I am still kicking around if I can knit the Christening Shawl for Mona Lisa in a month?  I think it might be doable if I limit my internet access (just like a child might need limitations of t.v. time or computer time these days). 

So right after I publish this post, I am turning off my computer.  I've checked in on my email, my facebook fans, and my Ravelry groups that I always check on.  I am not surfing anymore, and I am not turning it back on today.  I am limiting myself so that I can get some knitting done.

Tomorrow, we start back walking at work and today, I have logged my WW points for a new week.  I started in the wee hours this morning of reading Inspiration for Girlfriends and a page from my WW magazine before going to bed each night.  I'm feeling better although the cough is thinking it is going to be my friend for awhile. I feel good, I have a new plan, and after all it's Sunday and a new week.  Things always look brighter in a new week, don't they?

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Kristen said...

I love your resolve!