Friday, November 23, 2012


I enjoy family at holidays.  And going into this Thanksgiving, I was a tad mopey.  Baby Boy A was unsure if he would make it home this weekend.  Baby Boy B is in China.  My niece and her family went to South Dakota.  My other niece was staying home with her kids and fiancee.  There were only going to be 8 of us at my sister-in-law's house ( a relative low number for us).

After we got there, my third niece was sick so her husband stopped to pick up some food for the two of them at left.  My other nephew (always late) showed up after we were all done eating almost.  A different Thanksgiving and one that both the Tall Guy and I contemplated before we even got there of leaving earlier.

But you know what, surprise surprise, it was a great Thanksgiving.  No drama, sat around enjoyed each other company, no kids crying, no parents stressing out.  We ate, talked, borrowed a pack n play and a swing (Baby Boy A and family are coming home tonight for a quick overnight trip), ate pie, watched the Blind Side and just had a great peaceful Thanksgiving.

It wasn't bad at all.  We talked to the niece and family who is out of town for Thanksgiving, had a quick call to China and here we are. 

Sometimes, a small number is not so bad.  Just don't want to do it too often! 

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