Friday, November 02, 2012

The Tale of Many Afghans

A few months ago, my great niece asked me to knit an afghan for her from some yarn her now deceased grandma had and that she acquired.  I have had a hard time deciding which way to go with this afghan for her.  There are three colors of yarn - black, orange and cream.  I did not want to do that conventional afghan, the ripple afghan for her, I just thought it was too old for a young high school girl.

I knew that I wanted to maybe double the yarns and use a big needle, because frankly I did not want to be knitting on this afghan forever.  The yarn is Red Heart so you know how un soft it is.  To soften it up a bit, rather than use two strands of the Red Heart, I am adding a strand of Pacific to the Red Heart and I am pretty pleased with the feel of the knit.

Next problem up was what afghan to do.  I've cast on a few, starting with big blocks.  Thinking that I would transition the colors every few blocks.  It wasn't too long til I decided that just was not it.  I was not able to make a good transition.

Next, I thought, maybe it was the yarn, so I paired two strands of Pacific together.  This afghan is from Done By Monday Afghans.  Two strands of Pacific are so soft together.

But, what I found was that I wasn't using any of the yarn that my niece had given me.    I have set this one aside, and I think I might go back the yarn shop and get more and finish it for us or a present to be named.

 And then came the Webs' catalog.  Yea!  I love getting their catalog in hard copy form.  It is just as good as getting a knitting magazine in the mail!
I found this afghan in their catalog and cast on with a strand of orange Red Heart and a strand of black Pacific (actually I cast on right from the very first afghan that I had started).  This one is a winner for my great niece.  It is going to fit the bill and the transitions are going to go some thing like this:  orange and black, cream and black and orange and cream.
I'll show pictures later down the road.  The plan is to have this done by our Christmas Get Together.  Big needles and 2 strands should do it!

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