Sunday, November 18, 2012

Knitter Gone Wild!

Before I went in to take my shower this morning, I put a post together.  In between the paragraphs I put thoughts in between arrows as to what pics should go where.  When I came out and pulled up the draft, the arrows were gone and my thoughts to pics with it. So, I started pulling things out for pictures.  Oy, there seemed to be a lot of them and frankly it started to become real overwhelming.  That and my little camera is with Baby Boy B in China and so I hauled out the biggy.  I was not into the biggy this morning, it is making me think too much and really what I wanted to do is just take the pictures and finish the post.

I went outside to take a pic in shaded light with the biggy camera.  What I found was that it was nice out there, my swing hasn't been put away and the birds were just singing.  My ah ha moment for today!  I went in, got my coffee and my sunglasses and sat out in my swing, drinking coffee on this perfect sunny, blue sky Sunday listening to the birds and let the cares of knitting float away.  It was awesome.

The moral of the story, knitting is supposed to be fun.  I am not feeling so overwhelmed in my knitting now after my little morning rest outside and I am going to take it one project at a time, well maybe five at a time, but either way, I feel so much better for going out and enjoying a little of this beautiful day,  Ahhh, I feel better.  Below is the original post with a few pictures, by all means not all of them, but this Knitter Gone Wild feels so much better about them.

There are so many knitting thoughts swirlin in my head, you would not believe it!  Or rather a normal person would not believe it.  I think that happens sometimes to knitters when they "have" to knit something.  Well, maybe not "have" to, we always have a choice as to what to knit unless of course it is for money, something I probably would never do.  There is just too much pressure for me if I had to knit for money.

My great niece's afghan is coming along.  The Radicals were right.  This is something I knit on while watching t.v.  It's quite boring and lets me keep tabs on my program and get moving on it.  I think it may be more than half way done.  I may need to make a trip down to Fiber Universe for some black to finish out the orange at the very end.  I'll be glad when this one is done!  It is eating into my serious knitting!
Christmas is coming, like you all don't know that! I have a couple of projects that I kind of sort of have deadlines on.  One of them is that afghan above.  Now, granted none of these are set in stone, it would just be nice to have them done and out of my head.

Mona Lisa's stocking.  I started Eli's stocking for her, but am still wondering if that is what I want to do for her.  This brings back a story from when her dad was a baby, but I'll save that for another post before Christmas. I may opt for my first choice, but that is not one that I am real worried about for now.  We are not real sure she will even be here around Christmas so she may not need her stocking for this Christmas.

I have a couple of little outfits that are for her that are in the prerequisite Christmas Red on the needles and in the brain.  Tell me someone, when did Christmas start coming on so fast.  Seriously, next year, I have got to be working on this stuff in the Summer OR not work on an afghan too!

At the same time, when I am working on "have tos", all kinds of great projects are rising to the surface that I really want to be knitting on.  My Swirl sits there waiting, but seriously after today, it is going back to the yarn room to wait until the new year, there is just no way that this one is going to get anything done on it til 2013. 

And then, there is the next self imposed deadline.  My niece is having a baby girl early in March, if she goes that long.  I'll have a shower for her in late January which means there are a whole log of baby girl knits that are somewhat expected as giftees at the shower or at birth.
The peapod is so dang cute and are normally so quick to knit so I thought this may be a cute little something to give her on Thanksgiving.  Only thing is this chenille yarn does not whip around on the needles like other yarns so it is not as super quick as say a slicker yarn might be.

And then there is the KAL that we are starting next week.  It is a good time to get together with friends, and knit something from my stash.

You get the idea of how wild and crazy the knitting is around here...priorties and focus is the name of the game AND most of all always be knitting something!

Yes, indeed this knitter has gone wild!  Tis the season.

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Kristen said...

You have got quite a lot of knitting ahead of you! But I'll bet a little red something for Mona Lisa is at the top of the list :)