Saturday, May 03, 2014

A Bit of Diversion

Finally, the new house is painted.  We wrapped it up today with my new yellow kitchen, which is going to have some Caribe Blue accents.  Cupboards are all clean and airing out and waiting for moving in.

 But, we are so far from a move in date!  Next step is to get the carpets cleaned.  I am hoping to schedule that in the next week.  I am anxious to start moving some things over, but so far just a few boxes have made the trip to the basement.  While I await the cleaning of the carpets, I'll be boxing up whatever I can that I can live without until we move.

I've finally made it to the front of my Lang sweater.  This seems to me like it has been a long knit.  I have to admit, I am really getting tired of it, and afraid that it won't get any wear until the Fall now.  But, I will keep knitting on it, even though,

I am itching to cast on something new.

I've been loving a certain shawl since  camp last year -  The Radiance Shawl.  The yarn called for in the pattern is a laceweight and I happen to have a couple that fit the bill, but I think this  shawl calls for something soft and drapey, like Cheryl Oberle's Gossamer.

I am thinking about casting on this tonight just for fun a bit of diversion from packing and the Lang sweater. Sometimes, you just need a bit of diversion from your normal routine.

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