Friday, May 09, 2014

It Really Is Just The Beginning of May

But, I have blogged this one before, as knitters we should really be one season ahead in our knitting.  Like getting fit, knitting ahead is constantly on my list of things to be better at.

And the Spring/Summer knitting magazines are coming out in full force to spur me onto some Summer tops to knit.  Problem is  there are so many tops that I want to knit.  My favorites list for Summer Tops is growing.

My stack of magazines for Summer knitting seems to be multiplying as well.

The one thing I do not have is a lot of solid color yarns in lighter weights.  I guess I must gravitate toward heavier weight yarns for Summer.  But, I am really really trying to not buy new yarn if I can help it.  Cause, well, you know, I gotta move it all, too.

Adding to this influx of Summer knit want tos, is a group on Ravelry with yet another KAL and a website geared to Summer Tops.

The gods are testing me.  There are some lovely ideas for Summer tops on these two webpages and I encourage you to go have a look and find some nice Summer tops for your knitting pleasure.   I am.

So tell me what are you knitting to wear this Summer?  And what wonderful yarns are you using?  I'll blog about what I have in my stash for Summer knitting later this weekend.

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Nancy said...

I really like the Mesa Tee page 70 knitters magazine Spring 2014. No, I don't have yarn for it in my stash!!!