Sunday, May 25, 2014

Race Day

I'm taking most of the day off from new house packing/moving boxes for the Indy 500.  It has been a tradition in our house since I was in grade school when Dad would get tickets to the race and finally took me with him and my brother to the race.  After Dad passed away, we went the year after, but since then, I have been watching it from home.  Almost nothing gets in the way of me sitting down to watch the race.

During the commercials, I may do a bit of packing, and cleaning of the room that Baby Boy B vacated yesterday when he moved into his new house.  That room is going to need a major overhaul in the coming weeks.  (It was his room, so no, I never cleaned it, I just shut the door.)  I sure am going to miss those walls.  And no, I did not pick out the color, he did many years ago.  As I recall, it was a basketball team color.  

During the race, I am also going to take time off from my Birds Nest Shawl.  I have finished the first section of lace and now it is on to the straight bit of knitting.  I have to say those markers I put in every repeat truly helped.  It may be a bit excessive on the markers, but sometimes I still have problems counting to 11.

This morning, while it is quiet, I am going to try and see where I went wrong with my Stora Dimun Shawl.  I am off by one stitch at the end of the row.  It may be time to add some markers to it as well.  I surely would like to have this one done by Camp to wear.

My race project for today is kind of a secret, so this is all I am showing for now.  It is for me, I'm just not ready to show it in it's form yet.  I can tell you it is super soft and something I treasure as it was a gift from my friend and fellow knitter.  I hope I am doing it justice.  

One of the things I have to remember when I go over to the house today, is to get a better bag than a plastic bag for my special knitting project.  

And finally for today, a couple of moving pictures.  I have peonies of my own!  And they are beautiful.

Enjoy the race!  Or your Sunday, whatever you are doing today.

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