Monday, May 12, 2014

You Don't Have To Hit Me With A Hammer

Something became very very obvious to me this weekend.  I knew it, but I have been in a very serious case of denial for a very long time.  I have a problem. I will never live to knit all of the yarn I have.  I have no business ever buying more yarn again or patterns or books or needles.  If you are a knitter, you know what I mean.

It became quite evident as I loaded garbage sacks full of yarn from the yarn room -  Oh, no, this is not the first set, this is the second set.

The first set is at the new house awaiting dispensation.  Along with some of the project bags.

And then I started sorting bags, one for Barb at work, she has nieces and nephews who could use yarn scraps for different craft projects.  Do you this bag will see them through?

Then I start texting friend Debbie, hey do you want this really cool blue Reynolds Saucy for your grandson?

There is a bag of yarn for Yarn Over started for next December  (the one on the left), the garbage bag is going to the new house.

A bag of bags for friend Sue, she wanted one, she is getting three.

I've got a bag just for Pacific.

And a bag of Spring/Summer yarns from Springs and Summers of days gone past.

And this is my basket of what I am currently knitting on.  I put it all in a basket, so I would know where it is while moving.

But, I'm okay.  I have discovered with all the bagging up what wonderful yarns I have and I am looking forward to revisiting the knitting of them in the years to come.  It also made me really aware that I need to start finishing projects, but I'll leave that for  a post later this week.

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Kristen said...

Oh yes, I certainly do know what you mean. Even when you're not moving, it's good to evaluate the stash every once in a while! But ugh, what a job!