Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three Days To Go

Til the big move.  I am so ready for life to get back to normal, but that is probably not happening anytime soon.  I really want to be back to my spoiled life style where I get to knit at night and go to the yarn shop on Saturday mornings.

You know it is getting close when your must haves while you are moving, gets moved to the new house.  Just a few short weeks ago, it was my basket of knitting that was left here for me to play with while the rest of it went to it's new home.

The Tall Guy and Baby Boy B took pity and helped me move my assortment of knitting magazines and one more book case.

What took me all morning to get into the car, they had in the basement at the new house in a flash.  It makes a big difference when they can carry two or three at a time, and I'm taking one at a time.

Tonight, I am going to kick back and knit a bit while I do our and Baby Boy B's laundry.  This will be the last time I have all of our laundry though.  He is the recipient of our washer and dryer so now he can do his own.

31 years later and it is back to just the Tall Guy and I.  A new chapter.

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