Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer of Shawls 2014

I realize that Summer really doesn't come until much later in the month, but the last couple of days have brought 90 degree weather to Central Illinois and we broke down today and turned the air on at the "old" house.


I have a couple of sweaters on needles for Summer, but really not all that wild about knitting on them right now.  My focus it would seem once again this Summer is to be shawls as is evident by the ones that I am currently knitting on.   

None of the shawls that I am knitting on really are shawls that I would call "Summer Shawls", unless I have them done by Knit Camp in July.  The room in the hotel can be quite cold and can definitely warrant a nice wooly shawl to wear.  

There are a few on my list for Summer that can be worn over a t-shirt and I'll leave those to blog about as we really get into Summer.  In the mean time - 

The Pi Shawl from Madlinetosh Pashmina resides in my purse for knitting when I might get a stolen chance to do so.  Today, after a long, hot weekend of packing, putting in the car and taking out at the new house, the Pi Shawl called to me tonight to just sit and knit mindlessly on it.  I still have it on the 16" needles and think I'll leave it there until the next go round of increases, 48 rows from now. 

 I have another shawl in my Silver Pumpkin project bag, but I am keeping it under wraps for now.  I'll bring it out to show off later this Summer.  Suffice it to say, it is a lovely feeling yarn and I cannot wait to see how this one develops.  Stay tuned for the reveal later this Summer.

I am seriously loving knitting on my Birds Nest Shawl.  This is a KAL over on the Knitaway group that I have blogged before about.  Funny thing is, normally, I am not a very monogamous
knitter, but I am finding that I am knitting on this one quite a bit.  It offers just a bit of lace and a chart that is fairly easy to keep tabs on coupled with a purl row every other row.

 What shawls are you knitting on this Summer?

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