Monday, June 30, 2014

Taking A Saturday Morning Off

The Tall Guy and Baby Boy B had some furniture to pick up on Saturday so it was decided (by me) that they didn't need me to pick it up, so I got the morning off (given to me by me).  I figured it was a good morning to go to the knit shop and hang out.  I already knew that I wanted a Madtosh for a sweater for Mona Lisa and with a wee bit of help, we decided this color way would be great.  D

Did you realize that Madtosh is super wash?  I sure didn't.  It makes all the more nicer to work with.  I cannot start on it, though until I get my camp show and tell done.

While at the shop, friend and knitter Becky came in.  We surprised each other at being there.  Last week when we were together, I told her I'd be busy on the old house until August and probably wouldn't be back to regular schedule knitting then.  And she generally doesn't show up on Saturdays if she doesn't know who is going to be there.

Becky and I have similar tastes and she is always a good one to bounce ideas off too.  Only problem, she can easily lead me astray.  Before you know it, I am ordering a mesh Walker bag and tool case in my fave colors.

Then, we start talking Liberty Wool.  You see, Becky is Liberty Wool collector.  She has hundreds of skeins of Liberty Wool, knows the name of every color way they make and carries a list of her inventory with her just in case,

Ok, so you think you know where this is leading don't you?!  Well, I did not succumb to any new Liberty Wool yarn, mainly because the shop did not have what I want AND Fiber Wild had it on sale for 20% off AND well, I am trying to be better about my yarn purchases.  But, I did pick up this book.  Maybe for Fall.

After I got home on Saturday, I really wanted to buy some Liberty Wool to start this sweater, but I remembered that I have a bit of Sonic Lavendar in my stash AND that I am trying not to buy yarn so willy nilly, so I set my mouse to searching and came up with something that would fit the bill for the Summer of Shawls AND use up stash.

But, the deal is I cannot cast on anything new until I finish my camp show and tell project, which has hit a bit of a snafu which I must sort out before going forward.

I had a wonderful Saturday morning off, it felt so good to have some normalcy back at least on the knitting side.

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