Monday, June 23, 2014

The One Where I Go A Little Nuts

I hate to shop in stores.  I love to shop online and have it delivered to me.  I just wish that everything I buy online fit me.  You know where a size 14 is a size 14 is a size 14.

It has been a while since I have shopped for anything but paint and screws and lamps and stuff for the house.  It seemed as though it was time I did a bit of fun shopping. And so I did.  All from the comfort of my chair!

I cannot wait until the UPS guy/mailperson starts dropping them at my door.

From Jimmy Bean - I've been drooling over several sweaters from this magazine since it came out earlier this Spring.  After seeing yet another sweater out of it, I decided I had better get it before I couldn't get the magazine.

At the tea on Saturday, Vicki gave this book away a a door prize.  Almost sight unseen, I had to get it.  Knit Picks had their books 40% off.

Part of the conversation at my table on Saturday revolved around this book and since I could get it for 40% off, I figured I had better take advantage of it.  While I was at it, I bought a bottle of soak so I could free shipping. Yep, I hear you.

So as long as I was shopping, I tried again on Amazon to get a table to go with my rockers on the porch.  I have been to all of the local home improvement stores and our local Walmart looking for a table to put on the table that could hold my coffee.  Finally, in stock at Amazon and just what I was looking for.

 While there, I noticed they had stools to match to, so I added one to my cart.  I kind of have short legs and like to rock with them on a stool.  This will save me from bringing my one from the house all of the time.

My real purpose in booting up Amazon was to find some china storage containers.  My mom had hers in these.  What a smart idea, so now when I need to get them out of the cabinet in the basement, it will be a bit easier.

The madness continued today when I got an email from Christopher Banks that their Summer tees, shorts and pants were on sale.  Suffice it to say, I blindly bought some stuff.  They may have to go back, but with free shipping what can I say?  Funny thing is I bought some short skirts and a skort.  I'll blog when I get them if they are a winner.

And finally, I bought a pair of sandals from Zappos.  They should be here tomorrow.  Too bad the Tall Guy gets home before me.

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