Sunday, July 20, 2014

And Now We Have Come To The End

Knit Camp blog posts will be over for the year.  And so I am double posting for today.

The last pics I am sharing are just some random pictures of camp, tomorrow, we'll be back to the a new work week (where I have to work all five days) and regular scheduled  blogging.

From right to left, Maggie who knits some beautiful sweaters and shawls; Susan, well what can I say Susan is an amazing knitter; and Kim, she has put me onto some really cool little kids things.

Left to right, Elizabeth who is wearing Hitofude, a sweater that I am swatching from Briar Rose, Sea Pearl; and Sandi, the knitter of those unbelievable flower socks from the contest, wow.

Kim and Susan mucking it up for the photo.  By the way, Susan is wearing Vitamin D, another sweater  that I have on the needles.  Mine is out of you guessed it, Sea Pearl.

In the foreground in this picture is Al and Leanne.  Al was our photographer in the past years.  They have had a rough go of it this past year, but they are on the road to recovery and we were so glad they could be at camp this year.

And dear Meg, what a treasure, she is examining Renate's unbelievable swatch and wearing the RibWarmer by EZ.

And thats a bag or rather should I say thats a wrap for Knit Camp 2014!

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