Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summer of Shawls Progress Update

Since we are well into Summer, I thought it might be time to block some shawls that have just been sitting there waiting to be blocked.  And since Knit Camp is only two more sleeps away, I thought I had better get at it.  Both of these shawls have been long since done in the Winter and Spring, but just have been waiting for a big un-interrupted surface to do it in.  Which I now have.  

First up is Double Refraction by Cheryl Oberle.  I knitted it out of Madtosh.  It was a interesting knit and I loved the way it challenged my brain.  

It is not a long shawl but rather around 20 inches when blocked.  I just happens to have the perfect shirt to wear under it.  How did that happen?

 The second shawl on the blocking was another Cheryl Oberle design, Downover.  Knitted out of her Just Beautiful Alpaca (love this yarn) in Silver and Black.  This shawl is super cozy and to as you can see has some great knitting construction in it as well.  That Cheryl, she always keeps me trying new things.

The challenge for me on this one again is the elongated tails.  I've been just wearing it unblocked this Winter for fun, but for the upcoming season it is time to figure out just how to advantage of wearing these on a short body.

With Knit Camp just two days away, it is always a dash for finishing things up to take with.   My secret project I have to tell you is looking good this morning as it finishes drying.  Right now the final shawl for blocking is on the table.  It is LaLa's Simple Shawl from Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn.  It was originally slated for a friend's 50th birthday party in March, she love it even more now (if I give it to her). Grin.

It feels so good to have some things blocked.  Now, I can really say they are finished!

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