Sunday, July 20, 2014

And Then There Was Mine

More than a year ago, I commented on Linda's Blog that the yarn she had spun was my colors, you know.  At Camp last year, it was her Show and Tell, and I remember Meg asking her what she was going to do with it and she explained that she was giving it to me.  

I had to work at it a bit to decide what it wanted to be and just a few days before camp, I finished it with just this little bit left.

I was so pleased on how it turned it out.  The yarn is super soft and I just love the way the colors graduated out.  I purposely started with the dark so that the  blue would not be covered by my hair.
The pattern is from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, the Triangle Feather and Fan Shawl.
The tails are long enough that I could tie it behind my back to wear at camp, but I have also bought a couple of really cool shawl pins that i will be able to use with it as well.

Here is Linda (the spinner and generous friend and oh yes a Cardinal Fan) and I holding the shawl up for pictures.  And over there on the left is Nancy (Nancy is a fan of another baseball team), hi Nancy!

I am so pleased with my new shawl and will treasure the thought that went into the gift of yarn always.


Nancy said...

Hi, Penny!!! Indeed, fan of another baseball team but still great friends!

Kristen said...

It's beautiful! When I was on vacation last week I just bought a skein of yarn with those exact same colorways!