Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Came Home With Me

Lets just start with what came home with me from camp.

From Jennie the Potter on market day.  Two bowls to put knitting markers and little things in.  In front, is a whiskey cup, for my scissors and other knitting gadgets next to my chair.

And I can never resist another mug.  This one is smaller than what I normally buy, but will be perfect for my tea.  (My others are reserved for COFFEE)

Also, from market day, another skein of Sea Pearl from Chris at Briar Rose.  I love this stuff and well you all know how I love her yarns.  This was originally slated for Les Abeilles, but after seeing some of the shawls that Susan wears I may just rethink that.

From the Camp Shop, I could not resist bringing home a skein of all of the bright colors.  For now, I am going to put them on the stairs and look at them.  They may go into a new Elektra Jacket, but then they may make their way into something else.

On the top left is the camp bag we get every year to carry all of our things in.  The Arched Shaped Stockings pattern was something we discussed during camp.  The sock itself is two colors, but a camper uses the shaping when doing her regular socks and I though it might be fun to try the technique out.

The new Colours of Shetland book made it's way into my bag.  Denise from http://lostcityknits.com had a fabulous vest out of it, Scatness Tunic.  There is a mitten and sweater in it that I am particularly looking at mainly because I love the colors it is done out, Ursula.  I am thinking future project later this Summer for it.

The new tam book finally made its way into my bag as well.  I thought long and hard about this one.  Several campers, Linda P and Denise really like wearing tams.  One of the things that caught my eye was a tam that was framed in a large embroidery hoop and I thought that might be a really neat way of display it in my room.

Then, finally on the far right is a book for pure reading historical enjoyment - The Old Hand-Knitters of the Dales.

 On Sunday, we hold a raffle to benefit the scholarship fund.  The minute Denise said that she was donating to the raffle I knew that is where the bulk of my tickets were going.  And guess what I was a winner!!!  I am going to love knitting with these.

Not to diminish the rest of the items that were I also won in this same basket.  A new book and Zephyr.  The Zephyr was donated by Maggie B (who says she will be having some of her lovely shawls patterns for sale, I have been waiting for at least two years for those to come about).  I have never worked with Zephyr but have always wanted to, so this is going to give me the perfect chance to do that!

I did not go as overboard as I usually do, but am so happy with all of what came home with me.  Today, as I am on my last day of vacation (boo hiss), I am happy to look and fondle and dream of what some of these are going to be.

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