Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Room

I really wish I was a super good photographer.  In my mind, there is so much potential for some candid shops of a bunch of knitters knitting.  But, since I am not these we will just make do with what there is.

All day long there is knitting quietly going along.  I made so much progress on my knitting this weekend, I can hardly believe it.  At the front of the room and at the sides are t.v.s that shows what is going on at the front desk by either Meg or one of the mini-workshop knitters.

Me, I sit at the back right there where the teal water bottle is next to Sandi.  We more than first timers, kind of have a ritual as to where we sit.  I like to be along side the table at the very back so I can come and go without a lot of fan fare.

On Thursday night, we are all pretty much looking at what is in new in the shop.  During camp as Meg mentions something new, it is unusual for someone to jump up and get it in the shop to add to their brown book page.

All the colors of Shetland sit on another table for seeing up close and personal AND picking out colors for our next projects.

My fave wall in the store - the Unspun Icelandic wall, I love it when there are new colors on the wall!

This is the front of the room where Meg sits with the camera.  Amy will sit there as well when she presides over Show and Tell.  The books are new or interesting books that Meg talks about on the first day.  There is always something there I just have to have.

At night, we gather back in the classroom in varying spaces to knit, spin and generally get to know each other.  Yes, sometimes there is drinking and chocolate but always with caution.  And the nice thing, no one is driving.

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