Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Shades of Gray

Over on Ravelry in the Knitaway board, we've been knitting on the Birds Nest Shawl for our Spring KAL.  I cannot believe how much I have been knitting on it!  I say again, markers have been my salvation on this and I am now a convert to using them on lace patterns.

I took my Birds Nest Shawl to camp to knit on.  I, also had a spare project in case I couldn't pay attention to what was going on and keep to the pattern.  

But, I surprised myself and really accomplished a lot while there.  Only downside, I ran out of yarn so I have put an order in for another skein from Cheryl.  As soon as I get it, I'll have another shawl done.  Mine is out of Just Beautiful Alpaca which will be a great shawl to throw on in the cold air condition!

On my list since Susan Rainey did her first one is Hitofude.  I ordered Sea Pearl from Chris at Briar Rose in the early Spring for mine.  Since I am waiting for more yarn for the shawl, I am swatching.  I am down to a size 1 needle.  I see a trend in my color ways - Shades of Gray.

And the downsize of this morning.  As I was walking out to go to work this morning, this is what greeted me.  Seriously, what makes someone do this?  I just don't get it.

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