Thursday, February 11, 2016

And Sometimes You Get Tears

I'm having a hard time with this post.  I want to tell you about Hospice and the Prayer Shawl Ministry today, but I am having a hard time putting it to words.  It was an emotional morning.  We were back at the Ministry after a two month hiatus. 

Our dear friend, Victoria "walked" in today after being off for a surgery.  We said good-bye to a long term staff person at Hospice as she retires and starts a healing walk of her own. There were some very special moments, when several people stopped in to tell us how much the prayer shawls meant to those they cared for and loved and who now walk somewhere other than beside them.  

 And I received the most heartfelt thing I have ever received in my life, a thank you from the daughter of one of the recipients of one of my shawls.  It made me cry this morning,  and this evening while I sit in my room, typing this post, and with the candle that I won today as a door prize flickering next to the note, it makes me start tearing up all over again.  

 To know that someone who I do not know, has a grandchild that blesses me for doing something that I love, gives me added reasons to be a more faithful prayer shawl knitter!  I do not need a thank you note for every shawl I knit, but in a time where I was feeling like I had nothing to show for having two months off, this renewed my passion to get knitting on those many prayer shawls that have been swirling around in my mind, seeing each of them and the colors they are going to be and the many patterns that are yet to be knit.

The morning was about to end for me as I headed back to work, but not before one of the patients was wheeled down in her bed to the door of our meeting room.  She had heard that the knitters were at the Hospice Home and she wanted to come down to be with us.  

This my friends, is what it knitting prayer shawls is all about.  

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